To fully experience and interact with the exhibits, on arrival at the Museum visitors are given a Seed Ticket that is embedded with a seed from one of Kuwait’s native plants. At the Herbarium Wall, each Seed Ticket provides unique information on one of 18 possible types of seeds.

As visitors enter the Museum, the Prologue Gallery presents a series of 14 screens in a cascade-mode that simulate an audiovisual forest with scenes from Kuwait’s habitats and verses from the Qur’an.

At the Forces in Nature installation, audiences can watch nature unfold on a 26-metre-long audiovisual screen projection with spectacular panoramic views of Kuwait’s environments.

The Landform Tables are four interactive exhibits with a total surface of 48 square meters which recreate Kuwait’s desert landscape. These are surrounded by enlarged recreations of Kuwait’s flora and fauna.

The Migration Corridor presents realistic recreations of Kuwait’s unique birdlife in its natural habitat.